Hey, I’m  Kay

I am presently the creator and CEO of Diva Dolls Boutique, LLC, The Blogging Designers, LLC, and KenyattaBarrett.Com. I've managed to obtain a modicum of success in the online world through branding and marketing principles. Throughout my online presence tenure, I've established a strong focus on building companies from the ground up, focusing on digital techniques while providing concrete outcomes and structure when assisting entrepreneurs towards one typical objective: building bigger and better businesses. 

You Are In The Right Place If:


You have are ready to finally turn your dreams into a successful, thriving beauty business.

You are ready to build your beauty brand, without wasting countless hours struggling to figure it out for yourself.

You have a lot of ideas swirling around in your head and cannot put them in the correct place.

You don't want to spend unnecessary money and are committed to understanding your business expenses and investments.


Kenyatta’s clients’ successes are the result of moving through the same steps and answering the same

questions to develop their unique positioning and roadmap.

Being successful comes down to a few key fundamentals:

A well thought out and executed plan

Laser focus on efficient and effective strategies

Commitment to wise spending

An understanding of partnership leveraging



You are seen as an authority within your market. Your brand is known.

You are excited for each new day because of the snowballing growth your business is experiencing.

You feel confident that you’re making wise spending decisions.

You can relax at the end of each day knowing your business is progressing as planned.

When new products are launched, your customers are excited to buy them.

Your customers are so excited about your brand that they are referring their friends and family.

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